About us

NaviMinds has existed since 2011. Since then, our aim has been to deliver first class training courses in human factors and crew resource management. Through the years we have expanded our concept to other safety critical industries such as off-shore, oil and gas, healthcare, air ambulance services, police and border control and now pilot peer support.

A core principle is that we aim to achieve the desired learning through the creation of experiences. The use of group exercises, role plays and eye-openers (exclusive to NaviMinds) help create the experiences that challenge existing beliefs and create reflection. – and most importantly: increases the learning curve. Another core value is, that the people we train acquire some specific communication tools that can be used in their function as peer pilot.

Our team are specialists in working with psychological factors. Our approach is based on psychotherapeutic and coaching methods and we all understand what it means to listen effectively and create the empathetic platform, which is so fundamental when it comes to helping people create positive changes. All of our team have additional education in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, coaching, meditation, mindfulness and medical hypnosis.

With our vast experience from various roles in aviation and psychology combined we are in an ideal position to offer support, guidance and thorough training of peer pilots.

Meet the team...

Dimitrios bw

Dimitrios Tsakos


Bjarke Damm

Psykoterapeut Gitte Høj

Gitte Høj

Rikke Hvelplund

Rikke Hvelplund

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Anne Sølvsteen


Anders Marstrander