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Peer Support for Pilots

You are probably here because you are looking for support. When a human being reaches out for help it is often because we find ourselves in a challenging situation or a feeling of “being stuck”.

Maybe you have a general experience of stress or a feeling of burnout? Perhaps a specific situation or relationship is a challenge?. Or it might be that life in general seems to have lost some purpose and meaning without you being able to pinpoint the exact root cause? We want you to know that whatever your reason is, we are ready to help you through our network of specialized peers.

No reason is ever too small or too big, wrong or right. We and our peers will listen – that is our promise to you.

Please fill in our confidential contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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Report unfit for flight

Please be aware that if you

  • Are to commence a flight duty within the next 24 hours


  • Feel that you need peer support within the next 24 hours

If you can say yes to either one of the options  then you must contact your company and report unfit for flight before you proceed. You can inform them that you are seeking support through NaviMinds but you should know that this is not a requirement.

After you have done this please fill in the contact form with your details. We will make sure that you are anonymously contacted by one of our peers.

Please note that NaviMinds peer support is a programme designed to offer support for any health or wellbeing issues which are not emergencies.