Peer Pilot Courses

Peer pilots must undergo training in order to be qualified and feel prepared for the role. According to EASA, peer pilots must receive both initial training and recurrent training.

At NaviMinds we provide both initial (3 days) and recurrent training (1 day) for peer pilots. The courses are for peer pilots who work for an organization which is already part of NaviMinds PPS programme. However, our courses are also open for peer pilots from any operator.

Peer Pilot Initial training course

This 3-day course provides participants with the knowledge, tools, and attitudes needed to assess their ability to serve in the role of a supportive peer for fellow professionals who are having difficulty coping with the stresses of work. At the completion of this 16-hour course, you will be able to determine your readiness to serve as a pilot peer volunteer, and efficiently assist your peers to regain optimal work performance and quality of life if you chose to serve in this capacity. This course is recommended for airline pilots with at least one year of line flying experience and is particularly well suited to those who possess strong critical thinking abilities and interpersonal communication skills—especially listening skills, and have developed qualities of empathy, respect, and open-mindedness.

This course is designed first and foremost with the objective of preparing the peer pilot for the important role. We place emphasis on finetuning listening skills, provide an in-depth understanding of true empathetic communication. In addition, we aim to create a general a historical overview of psychology, an understanding of existential therapy and the role of emotions. Not least of the important difference between giving advice and providing support.

The course syllabus includes:

  • Historic outline of psychology and different therapeutic styles
  • The role of the peer pilot
  • Establishing a secure environment
  • The roles of body language and tone (markers)
  • The differences between severe and minor health problems
  • What is empathetic communication
  • Empathetic listening – How do we listen and WHAT do we listen for
  • Empathetic guessing
  • Possible pitfalls and how to detect and avoid these
  • Identifying own areas for development
  • The role of emotions – how they can cause problems and how they carry important messages
  • Mindfulness and the power of meditation
  • Role plays

We also touch on the following:

  • Handling of personal information (GDPR)
  • Knowledge about ICAOs, IATAs og IFALPAs "fitness to fly"
  • Temporary relief policy of the AOC
  • Knowledge about the pilot peer support programme
  • Guidelines for confidentiality and when breaches can take place

Another advantage is that you will get acquainted with other peers.

Peer Pilot Recurrent training

The recurrent training programme is 8 hours and is conducted at our training facility in the central Copenhagen, Denmark.

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1-day & 3-day Initial Course for peers

21st November 2022   Copenhagen, Denmark

16th - 18th January 2023   Copenhagen, Denmark