Pilot Peer Support Programme

Assistance and guidance for pilots

Are you a pilot that feel you need support? Reach out to us and we can help you.

We can also help your organization implement PPSP and training for your pilots. Contact us or read more about how we can help you.

According to EASA regulations all European operators with an AOC must have a Pilot Peer Support Programme (also known as Peer Pilot Support Programme or PPSP)
already in place since February 14th 2021

We can help you!

Consultancy services for airlines and AOCs

Our team will assist your organisation with the implementation of PPSP and training/alignment of the peer pilots in your organisation. We have a network of mental health specialists and a complete system in place to provide the psychological support needed for the what is at the core of a Pilot Peer Support Programme: easy access to peer support.

Furthermore, our programme is a complete system which is independent of the operator, the unions and the authorities. This is fully in line with EASA recommendations.

Peer support for pilots/crew

Maybe you are a pilot or crew member and feels that you need support. It may also be that you are next of kin of a pilot who needs help.

Either way our team is ready to offer peer support. You are only a click away.


Who are we?

NaviMinds is a specialised provider of human factors training. Our team has trained facilitators and instructors from every continent in the world – except Antarktis. We are known for our innovative and empathetic approach to human factors training.

In addition to a solid experience as aviation professionals, our experienced team have further education within psychology, psychotherapy, coaching, meditation and mindfulness.

Our team of experienced mental health professionals offer the ideal platform to help organisations implement a professional Pilot Peer Support Programme which is fully in line with EASA regualations. This includes the required initial and recurrent training of peer pilots. Not least what is at the core of the PPSP programme: a professional peer pilot support programme.